Monday, February 21, 2011

Outta the Rut Readathon Post 5:

Our internet has been down all morning or I would have posted sooner. Didn't mean to wait so long for a post!

Last night I ended up beginning Across the Universe by Beth Revis and got to around page 160 before calling it a night. But hey, it was progress and I got me jump-started.

Since I don't have school today or tomorrow, I decided this morning that I would simply keep going and see how much reading I could get in. I work up by 8am and flew through the end of Across the Universe, about 200 pages. I have mixed thoughts about it, but I'll leave my explanations until I post my review. I also grabbed Candide off the shelf, but decided to read through Lauren Oliver's Delirium first. Matt had picked it up for me and I figured I may as well, especially considering it is a new release. I am about 180 pages in at this point and already have strong feelings about it (again, you'll have to wait for a review).

I think these YA titles are what I needed to jump-start my reading. I am looking forward to finishing Oliver's book and moving on to finishing Candide today. I have a couple other things in mind that I might read after, so I think I am FINALLY in a reading mood and accomplishing a lot. Of course, I wish I would have read more classics than these two YA titles, but well...I needed it.


  1. I posted my review of Delirium today and had very mixed thoughts about it.

  2. I loved loved delirium, my review will be posted on friday. I decided to try a ya title today myself, between shades of gray, it's really interesting so far.

  3. Candide is one of my favourites... I carry around the message in my head, constantly reminding me what is important in life.

    It's a great one to read, and makes me want to delve more into Voltaire.