Sunday, February 20, 2011

Outta the Rut Readathon Post 4:

I am glad to see I am not the only one failing miserably at this readathon. And I fear, that in the time since I last wrote, things haven't gotten much better on this end.

Here is what I have accomplished:
  • Painted my toes
  • cleaned out the refrigerator
  • cleaned our bedroom and actually made the bed
  • scrubbed down the stove
  • made pumpkin bread
  • did all the dishes
  • cleaned our entire bathroom
  • vacuumed the apartment
  • organized our dirty laundry for laundry day
  • finished Season 10 of Friends
  • ate dinner
  • Oh, and I managed to finish Siddhartha (it was only 40 pages)
What I didn't do? Read. Beyond that Siddhartha chunk.

Matt is home now, so we are going to watch a little TV. And I think that I am going to hide in the bedroom for awhile with a YA novel. I need something light and fun to read. I think I am going to grab Across the Universe. :)

See you all tomorrow!


  1. Enjoy Across the Universe - I loved it!

  2. Wow, you may not have done a lot of reading, but it sounds like you had a ridiculously productive day.
    I'm in a rut too. I can't finish anything- it's driving me crazy. And there's so much I have to read for finals, and I can't bring myself to even finish Faust- and the thing is, I actually love it. I just can't stay focused.
    Anyway, enjoy Across the Universe. I may pick up a Nora Roberts title to pick me up.

  3. Sounds more like a cleanathon than a readathon!

  4. Ha! I've managed to accomplish about the same - lol.

  5. getting stuff done around the house is nice too! I had dinner and watched a movie with my boyfriend, and now I'm just over halfway through my book. I'd love to be able to finish it tonight, 160 pages left... it's 9, we'll see what happens!

  6. Wait. Siddhartha is only 40 pages? I think I'm going to make that my book for my Booklovers project...

  7. Allie, I am at a miserable fail with this RaT. Even reading a favorite author isn't helping. In fact, I've been catching up on blogs this morning and am now contemplating reading OR watching my long awaited episode of Criminal Minds.

    (I bet you'll be able to guess accurately which one I'll choose. :-/)

  8. Haha, I procrastinate in a similar way! (Unless I'm playing solitaire.) At least you've been really productive. Don't be down on yourself - you set really high expectations (perhaps too high?) and you got a ton of stuff accomplished - even if it wasn't exactly the stuff you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the weekend. Good luck! Maybe next weekend will be better. My own personal tip for getting out of the reading doldrums is to give in to your biggest literary weakness - read whatever is your equivalent of printed chocolate (mine is memoirs). You just need to get reading again, and also get happy about reading again.

  9. That does sound like a pretty productive day...just a thought, maybe if you aren't wanting to read to the degree that you are cleaning your refrigerator and bathroom and entire house (from the sound of it), you should just relax and wait until you're in the mood to read to read. it's not like occasional days without books aren't worthwhile.

    given the state of my house, i could use a few days of not wanting to read, actually.

    -- ellen

  10. I can't remember last time I made our beds. Ghastly and irreverent.

    Siddhartha - liked it?

  11. Well, it sounds like you were extremely productive -- it's not as if you were just surfing the web. I wish I'd done as much as you this weekend!

  12. I so wanted to read Oliver today (I'm behind a little); but between plowing the snow again after the snow plows and finding out how to have folders on my Ipad, I've been rearranging my Ipad all day, along with my house cleaning and laundry. Tomorrow is another day though.

    Love, Mom

  13. every time I've determined to do a "readathon" I've always had a really productive day doing other things. Something about the pressure to just read....makes me fail too... I understand.