Saturday, February 19, 2011

Outta the Rut Readathon Post 2:

Well, I am back to check in once more.

Let's just say that I am not being very productive. Shortly after writing my other post (at about 1:30 this afternoon), I got distracted. The first thing I needed to do was upload all 17 of my new books into my Excel file (they're all cataloged there). Once that was done, I needed to find room for them on my shelves.

That was a task. Since I have all my classics alphabetized, I had to move a lot of books around to get them in the right spots. Then I had a slight panic attack when I thought they might not all fit. But rest assured, they all found a home eventually.

And of course, I needed to find a million other little things to do around the apartment before settling down with my book (Oliver Twist). I was interrupted a little later by the husband coming home from work. I had to go shower (he made me get out of my comfy clothes) since he was taking me out to dinner. We just got home a little while ago. It is almost 8:30 and I have only read 100 pages today.

So, today=fail. But now that we're home and he is glued to his Xbox, I am going to spend some time with Oliver Twist. I only have 40 more pages until I am finished. That should only take me 30 minutes or so. That is completely doable.

I'm not sure what to read after that. I want something that'll grab me, something short so I can finish it and feel accomplished, and something that I'll love. Any ideas? I am determined to turn this crappy reading day into a success. And if I can finish Oliver Twist and another short title, I can call it that.


  1. How about 'Animal Farm' or 'Of Mice and Men' or 'The Red Pony' or 'The Alchemist'? ...some short suggestions off the top of my head.

  2. How about Ethan Frome? It's short. :)

  3. OK so our first day was a fail, here's to day 2! :D

  4. I'm reading Oliver Twist-FYI

    Love, Mom