Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up for April 29, 2012: The End of April and Some Loose May Plans.

This is a super late weekly post, but I worked an 8 hour shift earlier today at the park. And while I set my alarm for 6:30 so I could pump out a post this morning, I decided that hitting the snooze 15 times was a better option. :)

Anyway, things have been crazy busy around these parts. Since starting back up at the park last week, I've been running around like a nutso person. Thankfully I'm not working many weekday evenings (maybe 1 or 2 a week) until school gets out, so I will be a little less insane than I was at this time last year. But, all my "free" days on the weekend are gone. I forgot how much it sucks to have no days off. Oh well.

It is also hard to believe that it is already May! Time is flying by! I can't believe I've been teaching for two months and only have about 6 or 7 weeks left in the school year. Things have been going well in that department. Since I am teaching all English this year, I've noticed there is a definite difference in my workload (I taught 2 sections of history last year and 3 English, and this fall I had 4 English and the Student Government class). There are lots more essays to grade when you have 5 sections of English. But, I am really enjoying it and I am learning a great deal. It helps that I have great kids too. :)

In regards to reading, I have had a pretty steady month of finishing smaller books, but I completely failed in reading Clarissa. I have a post planned for tomorrow on that whole shebang and failure, but I'm really not that upset that I didn't finish it. There is still plenty of time left in 2012 to get through it. I have noticed that I have been spending a lot of time this month reading things NOT on my project list. I'm okay with that, but I do want to transition back to reading more of my project books in May. May will be a "free" month for me (June and July starts my Victorian Event-more on that below), so I am going to try and make some progress through a few challenge titles, etc. I've been craving some Greek literature, and since I have 4 smaller Greek pieces, I might get through those. I am also going to dive back into Nicholas Nickleby, since I set it aside in March and April to deal with school stuff. Beyond that, I'm not sure what I'll grab. Maybe A Passage to India and Kim? We'll have to see. All I know is I want short so I can feel like I am making progress.

It is also hard to believe that my Victorian Event for June and July is right around the corner. I've been neglecting getting the word out, so here is my lame attempt at reminding you. :) If you haven't signed up yet, please visit the sign-up page. I am going to be pulling some winners in the next day or two, so sign up!

I'd also appreciate it if anyone wanted to put up the badge on their blogs, tweet about the event and get some excitement stirred up again.

I am also still looking for people interested in hosting their own giveaway, or writing a guest post for me during one of the two months. I would love to have some featured posts on Victorian writers, etc, so if you're game, please send me an e-mail and let me know (my e-mail is on my profile page). And if you have e-mailed me, I'll be getting in touch with you this week so we can discuss.

Well, that's all I have for tonight. I'm going to try and get through a big chunk of An Uncommon Education by Elizabeth Percer (a very rare book that I accepted for review) before watching Game of Thrones with the husband and a couple of friends.

Happy Reading everyone!


  1. I love that Dickens quote on the button! I've just recently started our Mutual Friend, hopefully I'll finish it by June so I can post on it and move on to another author. I'm thinking about reading George Gissing and maybe Margaret Oliphant, I have a fairly short Persephone written by her that I haven't touched, so that would complete items off of two lists!

    Might even tackle The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy! Or maybe some Victorian sensation, I did love Lady Audley's Secret last year.

  2. I posted the badge and tweeted about the event. Hopefully more will come and join us, but if not, it will still be fun. There's still time to promote it, so I wouldn't worry too much. I should start making my game plan for what I want to read those two months. The lists are the best part!

    Hope you have a great week Allie!

  3. The months have been flying by for me! I can't believe it's May already. So many papers left to grade before my university classes are done.

    Thanks for the Victorian reminder! I'd love to participate. It would give me an excuse to re-read some Dickens!

  4. I just posted the badge on my blog. My May month is insane (I'm in my brother's wedding, my Dad's 60 bday bash, throwing a baby shower for a friend and more) so I'm really looking forward to curling up with some Victorian lit in June!