Monday, December 13, 2010

This and That on a Monday Night.

This is going to be a random post tonight. I'm home alone at the moment and I have some things running through my head that I want to get out. Most of them are reading related, so I promise I won't be too boring. :)

First I took a random trip to a local chain bookstore this evening. I had the store that needed to be used and since I was already out and about I stopped in. This is my least favorite of the two stores in the area and tonight I was reminded why that was. I was searching in general for something off my list, since I promised Matt that I have to read what I buy (something about moving all of my books...pssshhhh). Anyway, I was searching the fiction shelves and noting in my head where some titles were that I might be interested.

I was having a hard time finding something by Maugham, since his work was not where it was supposed to be, so I stopped a worker to ask. He was the most unhelpful and rude employee I have ever come across. He told me he was "too busy" to help me, but when I stopped him he was straightening piles of books that were only slightly disheveled. When I asked again, he sighed loudly before walking to a computer and typing. He eventually found where the books were (not in the correct place and not even CLOSE to where they should have been), asked me if I was "satisfied" and stormed off. Needless to say I was angry.

I ended up buying the book I came in for with my coupon, so the book was free, but I told the man at the register I would not be returning. When he asked why, I told him about my experience. Instead of trying to make it better, he told me that I should understand that they were busy around the holidays. Including me, there were maybe 15 people in the store. They were certainly not busy and I did not deserve to be treated so rudely. I highly doubt I will return.

End of rant. Promise.

In readalong news, you might notice over at the right that we have a tie for the January readalong. My original thought was to have a revote, but why bother? I'm just going to host both as a readalong and sign-ups will be up by the end of the week. I might be crazy to be hosting three readalongs in the month of January, but we all need a little crazy in our lives...right? Ya'll better sign up too!

Today has been a stressful day, on top of a stressful week. I spend a long portion of today in deep thought and prayer for someone (I can't share this yet) and because of that, I pulled a fun book off the non-classic shelf to read. I feel guilty, but I needed to escape from what was going on today. A friend got the book for me the day it came out, since we share a deep love for the author, so you'll be seeing a review of Pegasus by Robin McKinley pop up randomly. That's why.

Anyway, love to you all. I hope you're having a great reading week!


  1. Ugh that experience sounds horrible. I'm lucky that all the bookstores in my area are amazing and the sales staff is always extremely helpful, but not overbearing. If I had the same experience you did I probably wouldn't want to return either. When buying books online is so easy I think booksellers really need to go the extra mile to get you in their store, clearly these people don't see it that way.

  2. UGH, I'm sorry that you had a horrible experience at the bookstore. I'd try to find out who the manager is and contact them. Just because its the holidays doesn't give anyone the excuse to be rude.

  3. That is so wrong! I do patronize the chain bookstores in my area and I've never had an experience like that! You should definitely call and ask for a manager or send an e-mail to their corporate office. There's no excuse for that, even when they are busy.

  4. I'm soooo excited that you're hosting both books AND War and Peace for January readalongs. I was conflicted as to which book to choose. Also, I read War and Peace YEARS ago, but I read a bum translation. Needless to say I'm ready to read it again.

    I'll try to be as active as possible. I'm working off my baby's schedule right now!

  5. Wow that's an awful experience! I wouldn't go back there, either!!

    I hope the situation you can't talk about ends up getting better. I think you did a good thing pulling the fun book off the shelf.

  6. That's a crazy bookstore experience! Of the two chains, I'm a Barnes & Noble girl over Borders. Although, it looks like my closest B&N hasn't hired extra help for the holidays, so I'm avoiding it on the weekends rights now. Mom and I popped in the first Saturday of December, and the checkout line was wrapped around the entire discount section! Which made my bookish heart happy, but there was no way I was standing in that line. lol

  7. Hi Allie! How annoying! And in a bookstore (I think we have the right to be doubly shocked)! It reminds me of this funny British series called Black Books, have you heard of it? It’s about a very rude and very obnoxious owner a bookshop, very funny… in a British way :)

    Good luck with the read-alongs, I’ll only join for the March one, if The Three Musketeers win (fingers corssed!)

  8. Sorry to hear about your terrible experience at the bookstore. I love how they try to excuse their behavior by saying it was busy. Not cool!

    How fun that you're doing both books for January. I've already read them both so I'll wait until next month to jump in. I'm really looking forward to Oliver Twist.

  9. There is no excuse for bad customer service. I have worked in many such jobs and there really is no excuse for it. I am always amazed at shopkeepers who think that any task is more important than serving a customer. Books can be straightened AFTER you take the customer's money. The weekly schedule can be completed AFTER you take the customer's money... The whole point is taking the customer's money!

  10. Bookshop experience sounds a bit grim. DOn't feel guilty about reading a fun book - sometimes you've just got to read what you're in the mood for.

  11. I have both Rebecca and WiW being sent to my house as we speak. :) Yay!

  12. One time an associate was terribly rude to my uncle, and I got the impression it was because he was 'elderly.' I was livid.

    But, having been on the retail employee side, I can say where the impatience comes from. It's unpardonable, of course, but you don't know how many kids might have thrown up on the guy before you entered the store, how many people stole books off the shelf (it comes out of the associate's bonus, in many cases), how many people screamed at him about prices he couldn't control, how many other employees called off and left him without a break, or whether he'd been told, 'Straighten up that last aisle of books, and you can go home' -- after working 14 hours without a meal because everyone else on staff skipped their shifts for holiday parties.

    Believe me, Christmas in retail is way, way, way worse for employees than customers. They have to work extended hours, usually during the holidays, and it's a thankless job and generally pays very little.

    I try to remember that, whenever I see a cranky holiday employee. Like anyone else, they snap sometimes.


  13. That's the worst. You want your bookstore experiences to be lovely and relaxing. Sometimes service at big chains can be awful because no one is invested in the success of the store.