Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals and Resolutions for the New Year!

I know that everyone's feed is blowing up with lists of favorite books, covers, authors, releases, hot male characters, goals, resolutions, and everything in between, so here is one more to clog it up. :) No really, I LOVE seeing all the lists, goals, and plans. I am a list person by nature, so it makes my little heart happy to see everyone excited about things for 2011.

I also have a lot in store for the coming year. I am ready and focused to make a significant dent in my project list. Some of what I have planned is already in motion, and some will require some work. Here are a number of goals, resolutions, and plans that I have for 2011.

  1. Host 12 one-month readalongs on books chosen by fellow bloggers (already in motion)
  2. Host 6 two-month readalongs on books chosen by me (already in motion)
  3. Be successful in completing my reading assignments for each day of the readalongs
  4. Send bloggers who complete the readalong novel their "surprise"
Books to Read:
  1. Continue to have a balance between those books I am excited to read and some of those titles I am not so excited to read
  2. Aim to get to at least 160 books read off my project list by December 31, 2011 (this means I need to read about 90 books from my list)
  3. Allow for 5 "fun" reads throughout the year (not an entire month like I did this past year)
Blog Appearance:
  1. Decide whether to move the blog to Wordpress or stay on Blogger and carry through by the end of March
  2. Continue to keep the blog organized, pages updated, and links fresh
Blogger Interactions:
  1. Continue my account on (you can find me at Allie Danielson) and keep updated
  2. Continue my account at Twitter (@alliedanielson) and keep updated
  3. Continue to comment as much as possible on as many blogs as possible daily (this is something I have been working on the last few months)
  4. Continue to branch out to other bloggers and reading communities that are directly tied to my classics project
  5. Keep meeting new people! :) And continuing friendships with bloggers I already know and love!
Blogging and the real life:
  1. Set a time limit per day to focus on blogging activities and stick to it
  2. To keep my sanity, maintain a block of extra time on the weekend to spend more time blogging and interacting
  3. Continue to write reviews as I read and schedule ahead so I don't "fall behind."

What goals and plans do you have for the coming year? Or are you one of those people who think resolutions are silly? ;)


  1. These goals seem really focused...I need to set mine as well. I LOVE readalongs and want participate in as many of yours as I can...I couldn't commit myself to War and Peace in two months, however, bc of "real life" :) I have soooo enjoyed the classics I have taken the time to read just over the last couple of months and plan to do more this next year.

  2. Great list! I think my biggest goal related to blogging is to keep up to date with reviews. I am so far behind and it is stressing me out. The other is to keep up with the reading schedule for the readalongs I have to joined. I know if I fall behind, I won't be able to catch up.

  3. Oh, I didn't ign up for the ReadaLongs yet, but I really want to. I'm not sure if I will be able to join in January (and I do so want to read Rebecca), but hopefully some other time this year?

    Anyway, have a great 2011!

  4. Not silly at all! I'll be putting up my resolutions on Sunday. :D Great goals! If you decide to move to WP let me know if I can help any. :)

  5. Allie I love that you want to set aside daily blogging time. I really need to do this. If I don't have a blog post to write then I get extra time in my google reader. And I'm soooo stoked about your read alongs. I have the two novels for January right next to my couch.

  6. That sounds wonderfully organised, and I wish you luck in reaching your goals and happiness along the route.

    I'm looking forward to following your reading and hopefully joining some of the readalongs.

  7. What a great list of goals! I've been procrastinating with my goals - and now I've convinced myself I can just wait until Bloggiesta. :)

  8. These goals are so specific and ambitious, I love it! Yay for lists and the joy of completing them.

  9. These are great goals! One that I didn't add to my list is to try to engage more with bloggers. I read so many interesting people but I always keep mum. That might actually be my biggest challenge this year.

  10. Great goals! I switched from Blogger to Wordpress a couple of years ago and am mostly pleased with the switch. I've just never figured out how to put the "currently reading" apps from GoodReads or LibraryThing on my blog.

  11. I also agree that these are great goals! I'm going to try the commenting more each day thing, myself, plus trying to write reviews quicker after I finish a book (instead of waiting several weeks/months).

  12. Hey, how come I haven't seen those lists of hot male characters? I must be reading the wrong blogs. :-D

  13. I am impressed by how specific and clear your goals are! What great goals you have set. I really want to join up at some point with one of those readalongs you host!

  14. Good luck with all your 2011 goals!!!! Happiest New Year to ya! :)

  15. I'm trying to keep my New Year's reading goals simple--read more than I did last year, and write a little bit every day. Good luck with all of yours. I'll be watching your readalongs--I'm still on the fence about War and Peace.

  16. Your goals so specific! I am afraid to set any goals because I know I would forget them within a month. haha
    One goal I do have in mind is to comment more on other blogs.

    Best of luck with your goals!

  17. Awesome goals! I want to comment on more blogs too. I once encountered a blogger who said she comments on 50-60 blogs everyday. Wow! Good luck with your goals, and I look forward to reading your 2011 posts. :)

  18. I hope your resolutions work for you! I'm finding that, even thought I'm a high strung organized person, with blogging it gets stressful if I have too many goals. I'm going to try to keep playing it by ear in the new year.

  19. I love these resolutions! I especially love the time limit each day, writing reviews immediately and scheduling, and commenting. These are all areas I need to work on as well. Good luck with your goals! Happy New Year!

  20. It is the scheduling ahead; that's the key for me at least. Otherwise I suddenly discover that I have a discussion to lead tomorrow of a 400 page book that I have yet to start! Good Luck!

  21. I like how specific and focused your goals are. I probably should do sometime similar, just to keep myself focused, but my 'free time' is so up in the air right now, that I'm afraid to commit to anything, in any direction!

    Good luck and have fun!