Monday, February 8, 2010

Musing Monday: February 8, 2010.

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about a random book.

I’ve seen several bloggers mention reading multiple books this week. Do you frequently read more than one book at a time? Do you try to limit this to a certain number? Do you have different books for different purposes/topics?

I very rarely read more than one book at a time. For me, I get too sucked into a setting and characters to switch back and forth easily. I get plots complicated and I get angry when I have no idea where I left off when I go back to a book.

On the rare occasions I do read more than one book at a time, it is usually because one book is a really heavy book that needs a little more time to get through. Then I may read a quick book as a break. Or, I might read short stories along side of a novel, since they can be finished rather quickly. But I never, EVER read more than 2 at a time. That just makes me too confused and that is too much that can be mixed up.

To sum it up, I would rather give my devoted attention to one book at a time.

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  1. I can't bring myself to read more than one book at a time. I like to lose myself in the story, and if I'm lost in multiple worlds, I can't focus on just one! :)

  2. Exactly! That's what I was trying to say, you just said it much more eloquently!

  3. I usually have 2 books going but one is always a classic for my book club. They take months to read so I'll read something different while reading that one.