Friday, February 26, 2010

Under the Weather.

I want to quickly apologize for not getting around and commenting this week. I have been feeling ill since Sunday afternoon. My fever finally went away late last night, but I still have a horrid cough and a stuffy nose. It is making thinking a little difficult and Matt is getting frustrated because I don't feel like cooking all the time, so he has to. :) But I have been cuddling with the cats, sleeping, and reading, so I am on the mend.

Luckily for you I have enough posts written to get me through the weekend. I hope to be back in the full swing of things by then. I have some interesting posts to write and I am working out the final details on my first EVER giveaway. I am pretty excited about it. And you should be too.

So don't be upset I haven't come around! I promise to be back in full swing soon enough!

Happy reading all!