Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've been in a bit of a fog the last two days. I wrote yesterday's post in a rush. I didn't reread it before I hit publish, and I wasn't sure how long I was going to let it stay up. I avoided the internet after putting it up, then woke up at 3 this morning to take it down.

Then I saw the outpouring of comments and stayed up a few hours reading and rereading what you all had to say. I decided to keep it up. Why hide a part of myself?

I'm not sure how I feel anymore about that entire situation. It is weird that whenever I feel that down about things, something immediately happens to reassure me. Part of that were all of your lovely comments. But I also got an e-mail from the teacher I subbed for earlier in the year this afternoon. In the e-mail, she told me she graded all the tenth grader's exams and that I did "an awesome job with them" in the first quarter. Two of the kids got 100% on their finals. She also said that "they learned everything they needed to know 1st quarter and then some."


So I do feel better, but I still don't have answers. And I think that's okay.

I wanted to say thank you for writing all the things you did. I am going to work on replying to all of them in the next few days. I never expected that much, so waking up to all of you reassurance and love really touched me this morning. I am very lucky and blessed to a part of such a great community...and it was also nice to see comments from my mom and sister as well (thanks mom. thanks Torrie. Love you both).

Again, thank you. And if I can ever do ANYTHING for any of you, just say my name and I'll be there.


  1. I'm glad for the outpouring (sooo note surprised, you rock), and I'm glad the teacher e-mailed to express her gratitude. You're an amazing, talented woman, Allie! The answers will come. :)

  2. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I was thinking about you all day yesterday and hoping your spirits had picked up.

  3. Sometimes it's good just to be reminded that people care.

  4. What a perfect time to receive such a glowing email! I'm glad you're feeling better.

  5. It's hard to be so vulnerable, isn't it? But also great to know that when we are, the support is there.

  6. Allie - I just wanted to let you know that I always look forward to reading your posts! You help motivate me to keep reading the classics. Even when I took a break from blogging, I kept up with your blog and enjoyed reading it! I know it must be frustrating to not be working full time as a teacher. I know you've mentioned possibly going back to school; maybe you're meant to be a professor or a librarian or reading specialist or something. Something will work out for you!

  7. The teacher whose opinion you were worried about when your subbing ended? No wonder you felt better! I'm so happy for you, you deserve it.