Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vacation Update. :)

I thought I would write a little update about our vacation while I have some time. My mom and me are currently sitting in our hotel room waiting for Torrie to call us. She's been busy since we moved her in yesterday, so she's taking a little nap before we pick her up and head to Downtown Disney for food and shopping.

The trip has been excellent so far. We had crappy weather for the first part of our drive down, mainly in Ohio. It was snowy and windy. During the bit that I drove in Ohio, my mom and sister slept. That was probably a good thing considering the language that came out of my mouth. :) We ended up driving a bit further that day and stopped just inside the Georgia border for the night.

Saturday was much better and we could finally see the sun! It was a bit chilly Saturday and Sunday, but it has warmed up since then. :) On Sunday we vegged out for a bit before heading out to see Beauty and the Beast 3D. It was great to see one of my favorite movies in theaters again. We shopped a bit and then came back so Torrie could organize her stuff.

My mom dropped her off yesterday morning to register. After checking in and filling out piles of paperwork for her internship, she was shipped off to some meeting on the Disney complex so that she could learn a little more about where she was working and such. When she was bussed back from that, we picked her up and loaded all of her stuff into my mom's van to move her in.

She's sharing an apartment with 7 other people (eek). There are four bedrooms, so she is only sharing a bedroom with one other person, but it should be an interesting experience. They spotted a lizard in their apartment last night and again this morning, so their apartment also comes with a pet. ;)

She was happy to settle in and had another meeting at 7:15 this morning. She's had the rest of today off, so she's been hanging out with a friend and yes, taking her nap. Tomorrow is her big training day. She's going to report to the park where she is working, get her "costumes" (they are NOT uniforms), and she'll begin training. If any of you are familiar with the parks, she's in the "Star Wars" area, which is just plain awesome. She also told us that she has to take a lecture where she'll learn about the "Disney Look." We read a little bit about it online, and they have a lot of rules for how you are supposed to look and act while you are an employee of the company. There are restrictions on jewelry (necklaces and such are not allowed), hair color (including highlights), make-up (if it IS worn, it must be in skin tones), as well as her demeanor. Since she will be out with the public, I suppose that makes sense!

Her actual classes start next week, and I am sure that those will be even more amazing than the park experiences!

Anyway, mom and I will be heading to Epcot tomorrow (you might remember I said we were going to go today, but we spent today by the pool). We're still planning on "drinking around the world," but I am sure it will be more like...let's get a margarita at Mexico, then we'll be done for awhile. I highly doubt we can get a drink at each of the countries and still be able to walk. ;)

On Thursday we are going to hang out around the pool again since the weather will be nice. Friday we're going to Hollywood Studios and Saturday we'll leave! It is kind of crazy how fast this week is going by, but I am having a great time and reading a bunch-but I did overpack in regards to books and clothes. ;) I was so sure I would finish all my Shakespeare, but it shouldn't surprise anyone that I haven't. I have gotten through most...I think I have a few plays left, but they'll all be done by the time I am home on Sunday for sure. So much for bringing Dickens, Tolstoy, and the Woolf novel I grabbed last minute. It happens, right?

Well, I best be wrapping this up since we need to leave. I hope you are all having a wonderful week!


  1. It sounds like you're having fun! I'm glad to hear that your sister is acclimating, and I hope that having 7 roommates works out for her. (Eek! I thought three when I was in Italy was tricky!)

    I was afraid you might be driving through Ohio during the worst of the snow. I woke up the morning you left, looked outside, and thought, "uh oh--not a good day for driving." At least you made it through OK. Have fun for the rest of your vacation!

    1. We spent some time with her tonight, and she said that her roommates are all pretty nice. :) They are from all over the country, so I am sure she'll make some great friends.

      I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good driving when we leave! Matt told me it started snowing up there and they have two inches or so.

  2. I friend of mine did a summer internship at Disney years ago, well before I knew her, back in her college days, and she loved it. I hope your sister loves it there! And I'm glad you're having so much fun. I've had a great time following the adventures on Twitter. :D

    1. Lol. I have definitely been on twitter more this vacation...I blame it on the fact that Matt isn't here. I spent most of our July vacation with him. Now I don't know what to do with myself!

      It sounds like she is having fun. Her first big day is tomorrow!

  3. Tiny lizards are pretty normal in Florida, they're everywhere. They eat bugs so that's a good thing. They're harmless but sometimes they seem to jump out from nowhere!

    And how cool that your sister is working at Star Wars -- it's my favorite section of Hollywood Studios. The best thing about living in Tampa was that we were only 70 miles from Disney -- we had Florida resident passes and we went all the time. My favorite things were the wine & food festival and the flower festival in the spring. Texas just isn't the same -- so jealous!

    1. Yeah, Hollywood Studios is her favorite park, so she was really excited! And with all the hub-bub starting to come out with the movies being rereleased in the theaters, she should be pretty busy!

      They have seen Mr. Lizard a couple of times, but they are all scared to pick him up to put him outside. We'll see what happens with the lizard drama.

  4. Good luck to your sister! It sounds like she'll be pretty busy for a while- considering both her internship and the unexpected pet. I hope they have better luck with it than my cousin did with the mouse she shared her room with during her stay in Paris- she lived there for three months and she could never get rid of it. Yikes.
    It sounds like you're having a fun time! Now I'm totally wondering in how many countries you had a drink ;)