Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shakespeare Reading Month Updates (IMPORTANT).

Hi everyone! We are most of the way through Shakespeare Reading Month. Hard to believe, right?

I am writing with a quick update and some important notes for all participants. Please pass this post around or link to it on your blog so that all participants see it! Thank you.

First, there seems to be some confusion about where to post reviews for the month. I have had some people post links on the original sign-up post, as well as in response to some of my own reviews. YOU MUST post reviews to the Master Post for the month (click that link to go there). Please read that post if you haven't already and follow the format to get your posts linked properly. I will be drawing the winner from those linked posts-if your review isn't linked, you will not be entered.

Second, I have had a couple of people write to request a bit more time. Since I am also behind on posting reviews and getting a few things read, I have decided to extend the date by a few days to help out. Therefore, you will have until February 10 to link posts on that Master Post above. I am hoping that the extra time will spur you all to attack another play or two, or to finish the one you already started. :)

I hope you are all enjoying your experiences with the Bard! I know I am!


  1. I have reading plans for February already, but 1) the extra time to get posts up will be good and 2) my February plans are for reading set in Venice and it seems that there's a Shakespeare or two that applies. ;)

    OK, now to get BACK to the bard!

  2. thanks. I'm doing a read along on A Midsummer Night's Dream, with last post and questions on the 30th, so that helps! here is the other challenge:
    we read one play/month. so 12 for 2012 will be enough, which means, I will only post 1 review for your challenge

  3. If I have the chance to squeeze in another in February I will. I think 4 with one more next week is good going though. Have linked this post to my Hamlet review.

  4. Still cheering you all on from the sidelines! :)

  5. This is great, Allie!
    I underestimated the amount of exams I'd have to study for in January "a bit", so the only Shakespeare I've managed to read is Hamlet, but with this extra time I should be able to attack Macbeth!

  6. Thanks so much for the extension, Allie! I'm hoping to have the reading done by the end of the month, but it will be GREAT to have a few more days to get the posts writ and posted. (Do you see how I said "writ" there. For you, Shakespeare.) :D

  7. ooo thanks for the extension, maybe I will get the Bryson bio in. Or maybe a shorter comedy...

  8. Oh, thank you so much. I have Bryson's biography and a couple of plays read, but I haven't the posts written yet. Plus I'll finish Othello in time.
    This will teach me to make sure finals are all prepared before signing up for new challenges.